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sparkling, dry rosé wine

Berry and plum aromas begin this effervescent sparkler that continues as a dry, smooth, bubbly celebration wine. The popular Rose wine meets its sparkling match in our Brut Rose that will dazzle with notes of cherry and white pepper.

$21.00 per Bottle

dry, white wine

Inclusion stays true to its name by including the six white grapes that we use in our wine portfolio.  Aromas of stone fruit begin the journey and lead to a blast of vibrant green apple in the mouth.  Luscious, yet crisp and refreshing, Inclusion finishes with a subtle note of freshly squeezed grapefruit and a strong desire to keep sipping.

$19.00 per Bottle

dry, oaked red wine

Our robust Norton benefits from oak aging, which contributes to the body, flavor and aroma of the wine. It shines with aromas of cherry, nutmeg, anise, and dark chocolate. Fruit flavors of black currant and plum combine with coal and black pepper to creat a complex layered taste profile with a smooth mouth feel and finish. 

$27.00 per Bottle

dry, oaked white wine

This barrel-fermented dry white wine begins with pear and apple flavors that are married with light oak flavors. A long, subtle buttery finish is part of this wine’s signature style.

$22.00 per Bottle

dry, oaked red wine

Our estate grown dry red Chambourcin shines because of its multitude of flavors and accessibility. Oak aged to perfection with the aromas of blackberries, plums, and cloves. The flavors of black cherry, clove, and pipe tobacco balance beautifully in this light bodied and slightly acidic wine.

$19.00 per Bottle

dry, rosé wine

Elegant and flavorful, our Dry Rosé is an incredibly smooth dry wine. Fruit aromas of strawberry, watermelon, plum and candied cherries follow with flavors of berries and hints of white pepper. This rosé has a light acidity but finishes velvety soft with no bite and makes a great wine for any occasion.

$18.00 per Bottle

dry, white wine

Wonderfully fruit forward and delicious, our Dry Vignoles is a vibrant and enticing wine that opens with aromas of pineapple, green apple, and passion fruit. This wine bursts with the flavors of honeydew melons, lychee and banana and has a satisfying long finish.

$20.00 per Bottle

dry, white wine

Our Noboleis Blanc is a multi-dimensional dry white blend. A slightly floral bouquet reminiscent of a rose garden meets with tropical star fruit aromas that excite the senses. Each sip of the wine will unveil new layers of complexity that end with an appealing soft finish.


$19.00 per Bottle