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dry, oaked red wine

Owner's Reserve

Our robust Norton benefits from a long oak aging, which contributes to the body, flavor and aroma of the wine. It shines with aromas of cherry, nutmeg, anise, and dark chocolate. Fruit flavors of black currant and plum combine with cola and black pepper to create a complex layered taste profile with a smooth, soft mouth feel and finish.

$39.00 per Bottle

dry, oaked white wine

Owner's Reserve

Fermented in oak barrels, our Reserve Vidal Blanc presents with complexity, structure and sophistication. Aromas of pear and toast continue with a full bodied dry wine with subtle acidity and oak. Mouthwatering, supple butter flavors bring this limited edition wine to a soft, velvety finish that will linger on the palate long after the last sip. 

$32.00 per Bottle

white Port


Citrus and anise flavors compliment this white port-style dessert wine with abundant aromas of tree fruits and orange rind that lead to a nutty finish.

$27.00 per Bottle