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sweet, red wine

Velvety smooth and enticingly sweet, our Broken Fence Red blend presents layer after layer of beautifully seductive fresh fruit flavors. The depth and intensity of this sweet red wine melds with a luscious cherry and blueberry essence to create a harmonious and wonderful aroma and taste.

$16.00 per Bottle

sweet, white wine

Easily enjoyed and universally loved, broken fence white is a sweet white wine blend that is fruit forward and delicious. The aroma evokes memories of apple, honey and melon, with flavors abound of apricot, banana, Honeycrisp apple and orange liqueur. The sweetness in the wine provides a little extra body and a smooth finish.

$16.00 per Bottle
Harvested as an ice wine after several deep frosts, this sweet after-dinner wine has intense aromas of butterscotch and apricot, finishing with ripe pears.
$35.00 per Bottle

sweet, white wine

A stunning balance of sweetness, our Moscato will surely delight with its bursting aromas of herb and ripened cantaloupe. Citrus flavors lead to an exciting surprise of orange dream-sicle. A subtle tart, grapefruit ending leaves the palate begging for more of this exciting wine.

$19.00 per Bottle